Many western nationalists have quite a wide knowledge of history, political theory, philosophy and other fields. However, when it comes to economics, they are often at a loss. The truth is unfortunately that most nationalists simply know very little about economics. They can be forgiven for this, since most people of any persuasion are not going to be original thinkers, and there are few economists, at least in recent years, who have developed a body of theory specifically with nationalism in mind. So, they don’t really have anywhere to get their economic theory from. A great many people on the right passed through a “libertarian phase” where they flirted with Austrian or Chicago School economics. Their economic education ends there. But the commitment to liberty and free markets over all other things does not combine well with nationalistic emphasis on the need for national independence and the interests of the nation above everything else. Clearly outsourcing manufacturing abroad does not help the cause of national independence, as it renders a nation dependent upon others for its most basic goods. Economic leverage translates into political leverage. Likewise, the support for deregulation and abolition of the minimum wage does not sit well with a nationalist’s view of the worker as his fellow countryman, not just an individual economic agent.