Seriously? Watch her. She's a case study in Public Speaking 101. I know. I've taken those classes too. And I used to do a lot of public speaking so I recognize it. Exaggerated, fake, and intentional hand and head movements to keep the audience's attention. Steady, measured cadence. Over emphasis on juuuust the right words. Absolutely NOTHING "spontaneous" in a single word or sentence. Scripted, but not practiced enough to memorize. Still reading from a prompter. And THAT is why you failed. THAT is why none of it "feels" genuine. You can't be "spontaneous" with your gestures because you're still THINKING about when to make them. SMH That was the fakest shit I've seen since her husband did a State of The Union. And btw.... Watch her head. If you pay attention to body language THAT is how you can tell she's talking shit. THAT is her "tell." Throughout, as much as she's trying to control it, she can't help but keep shaking her head "No" and rolling her eyes. She's trying to play it off as emotional "emphasis" but what she's really signalling is that she doesn't believe a single thing she just said. THAT is why you have to practice, practice, practice your speeches before. If you can get the speech down to rote memorization, then you can "detach" yourself from the words. It'll stop you from "tipping" your hand when you feed people a line of bullshit. You will have no involuntary "reaction" because you've heard it/said it so many times now that they're just meaningless sounds. That's why I said Public Speaking 101. She's not good enough at it yet to really cover her bullshit. She's at that in between stage where you can see the principles, lessons, and coaching, but she's not good enough to make it look real. Put it all together and right now, she can't help but seem fake as fuck. Honestly, she aught to seek lessons from her husband. Much as I don't like his politics, he is VERY good at covering his "tells" while he's blowing smoke up your ass. He's not quite the "master" that Slick Willy and Hitlary are, but he's good. Honestly, if I were to ignore all the bullshit she said and JUST grade her on her Public Speaking, I couldn't give her more than a C. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/18/politics/michelle-obama-convention-speech/index.html