A Funny Feeling... I want to talk a little bit about a sort of funny feeling I get sometimes. I can only describe it as a feeling of, I dunno, above-reality awareness. I don't exactly perceive things how most people do, and I have an odd way of looking at things, i.e. a weird mental wiring (who has a normal one? no two people are wired the same) and the software, i.e. the way my brain thinks isn't exactly normal either. I'm an optimistic pessimist, a logician and an anti-formal -education near-graduate who pushes for people to learn a trade. I love the physical arts of woodworking, bushcrafting almost in equal measure to working in a laboratory, about the most sterile and cold place one can imagine. I hope to use my lab knowledge to improve, and perhaps create forests all across England and re-vitalise our ecosystem which right now, is sort of suffering. But that's something for another day. That's a little perspective on the paradoxical nature of my perspective, and I know of no other person who holds all of these ideas in high, or equal regard together. I have this... Feeling, like above the normal level of perception. I had it when Trump won, even before he won I knew he would win. I had a feeling when a family pet of mine died, on that day I knew without knowing. I knew the outcome of some horrible news without being told about it. I sometimes know exactly how a day will go, or foresee accidents before they happen. It doesn't always happen, but it's an interesting and sometimes horrifying experience, like being given a peak behind the curtain before the events happen. It's not just prediction, because it comes before the order of conscious thought. Like a word will come into my mind and attached to it will be a entire package or part of a story, I live it out in reality and boom, it was exactly as it was told. Let me know if anyone else gets this sorta feeling, it's one of those I can't do justice to but it's also one that makes me almost certain that the world isn't just a linear construct and nothing more than that. Time flows in both ways and sometimes, I think, we can experience future echoes of events about to happen. I've been having them for months surrounding Trump's re-election. It's going to either tear America apart or unify it under a sort of martial law for a long time. All I can say is use your freedoms while you can and consider getting out. But, ultimately, there will need to be people to fight the corruption, so it's time to decide if you're a soldier or not. I could be wrong. Biden could win and I foresaw that outcome too. It's horrific, like actual hell on earth. It looks like a mad king attacking his people as devils, cracking the whip and making life a living hell before the entire American project comes crumbling. I also foresaw the alternatives to both of these. In one, Trump restores order and unifies America, and America gets its Amerexit, passing sweeping laws to remove corruption from office. History remembers him as a hero for his work and American culture goes through a boon, the likes of which haven't been seen since the 60s. Thanks for reading.