THERE'S GOLD IN SPACE - LITERALLY Space Mining All the Gold on Earth is a gift from the Sun and only a finite amount of the precious stuff is found. Now imagine mining an asteroid with a Gold Core - NASA did. It will be Private Industry like SpaceX and of course Chinese and maybe Russia in the new Space Mining Race which Trump approved for the Moon and beyond. The Moon is a logical place to set-up Camp and its loaded with Helium-3 which is a potential Fusion Energy Source. We found more minerals on the Moon than we have time for and there are still secrets to explore - Like are we Alone in the Galaxy? Why have we avoided the Moon since the Apollo Landings? Were we asked to stay off the Moon by ET? Quote: "For several years, humans have wondered and speculated about the vast quantities of precious metals that are lying unmined in space. According to scientists, there may be billions of dollars worth of precious substances such as gold, platinum, diamond buried deep in asteroids, and pieces of space debris. And now, humans seem to be getting a step closer to mining some of those riches." https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/gold-mining-in-space-nasas-psyche-spacecraft-to-study-asteroid-worth-10000-quadrillion-2795127.html #gold #nasa #science #nature #space