*We have women we have girls.* Real Woman are not moved by the size of your pocket but the balance in your brain and the content of your future. Girls are moved by money which is lust., They can run after key, just shake one. Real woman don't see men as source of Income. Some girls think because they are beautiful, men are owing them money please what are you selling?. Real Woman don't see man as a source of strength because in them strength lies. Some women can be a man Destiny helper. They are not lazy, your money can only come as a gift not to buy their heart. We have women who later become bread winner. Money is unisex, anyone can have it. Be a Woman, get a Job. Think of a business *Don't be a liability, be an ASSET.* Your are not cheap, your are worth than rubies and gold. You are a mother to nations not a youth fund to be shared in the community. There is a seed of greatness in every girl but only few found it, only few sow it, only few watered it. Success is unisex but strategic and intentional. You are capable beyond measures, enlarge your capacity, don't wait for what is coming, be a source of blessings. Real Woman value their private parts, they covered their nakedness because they know in them are generation and their breast are to feed Kings not to cause confusions on the road. Because real Kings don't eat uncovered food. You are favoured, you are blessed, you are called, you are a deliverer not an hotspot from house to house. *Real woman still exist. I celebrate them...* 🥰💌🤗. *Salt of life.*