I had a bittersweet Sith day today. One of my clients had a purebred champion bloodline one year old goldie and I got some brief furry cuddles and face slober love. (pic attached of what he looked like with the beautiful big stocky head). God, I love doggos and hate humans and cats. Then had another appointment at a business that temp gun shot me in the head again and forced me to fill out and SIGN a full page questionaire. (Orwell rolls over in his "told you so" 1984 grave). Then I was in the area and made my every three years or so pilgrimage to the San Marcos Outlet (one of the largest outlets in the U.S) to buy a new leather business bag. The bags I get retail for $350-$400 but I get them at the outlet for $175-$200. But they had a huge sale on top of the low outlet prices and got this chocolately leather bag of sexy business bag goodness for an insanely low $120. Then the bittersweet part. I bought it at Wilson's Leather and the manager told me the big sale is because they're going out of business. WTF? :0 She told me they're closing all 200+ stores nationwide by the end of the year or sooner. I've been buying leather stuff at Wilson's since I was a Sith teenie bopper on Tatooine. Then one of the most visited places annually in Texas (this outlet gets 14 million visitors annually) I literally saw like ten people while driving and walking around. I felt like Will Smith and the I Am Shopping Legend. I really don't think people realize how truly once a century bad the economy is going to get and how fundamentally everyday different the western world is going to be because of the mass fear of COVID. #sithlife