Three kinds of mindset

1. THE EMPLOYEE MINDSET The people with this kind of mindset will always ask, "If I register today, how much will they be paying every month?" Hmmmm this people can manage poverty for Africa, they can work for 35years patiently and retired broke while watching their students making millions and calling them ritualist. 2. THE GAMBLER'S MINDSET These people will ask, "If I register now, how much do i get back?" These are the people who don't want to know anything or do anything but want to make money by hook or crook. These are the people that mmm and other ponzi schemes are dealing with. 3. THE ENTREPRENEUR'S MINDSET The Entrepreneurs will ask, "What are the procedures for building this business? And what is the guarantee that if i follow these procedures diligently, I will become financially free for life?" These are the fearless, risk takers, and the pacesetters, they are the born great spirited individuals who seize opportunities as they present themselves to them. Which kind of mindset do you have...? Examine yourself..........................🤔