Ashtar command was revealed by the collective as a real alien group with sentient motives behind its communications. (Not all are with alien groups.) As time passed their reliability took the notice of the dark hats of the CIA who insist on controlling this type of communication. Ashtar were very meek species, they don’t fight or defend themselves when the CIA began an attack on them. They left in frustration and disappointment in humanity. After they left the CIA took over their name and group. The CIA began putting a religious spin on the group. Started claiming a Jesus like character named Sananda would soon come save them from the cataclysmic events soon to happen. They mix truth with lies and caused their followers to stop love to others and began to teach a love for self campaign of fear and protection of oneself. Forget about others. Today Ashtar command is a CIA dark hat operation. Those who follow have been fooled. There is another part to this fraud known at the WB which are a group of psychics from the military now being used to perpetuate this fraud further by solidifying divinity among its leaders and members. They can easily fool an investigator simply by telling them what they know what they think and what they want to hear then when hooked can cause them to fear and enough to convince them to shy away from the alien presence. Making them believe they are not trustworthy or even dangerous. This narrative continues decades later.