The Skin

I thought of what to write on and I've decided to do a mini series on skin care...I hope you find it interesting and educative The skin is a large organ; putting it much better, it is a protective covering that separates your internal organs from the environment...But it doesnt end there, it helps to maintain your body temperature, it is a sense organ( touch signals), regulates fluid loss, plays a role in innate immunity.... OK, OK, OK.... I know it's really scientific.... But let's come down to what we can all relate with.... The Skin may also play a role in our social life....how one's skin looks can say a lot about a person's general health and wellness....that is why you admire and appreciate one with a healthy glowing skin and consider such a person to be in good health....So I want to get your opinions on this, can the skin affect our social life, if yes, how??? Please Drop your comments people Keep in touch for more information on this topic🍸🍸🍸🍸