United States Virgin Islands “Puts Brakes” On All Tourism For At Least One Month Over Chinese Kungflu. USA Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan Jr announced the move, reverting the territory to a “Stay-at-Home” phase of its "Jinping Kungflu" response for the next two weeks. Today, the USA Virgin Islands has “put the brakes” on tourism, closing its doors to leisure visitors beginning today, Monday August 19th for a period of at least one month. “The recent infiltration of the kungflu into our residential institutions that house vulnerable members of our population creates an alarming level of risk,” the Governor said.” Effective immediately, all hotels, villas, Airbnb accommodations and guest houses, charter vessels and similar businesses have been ordered not to accept or book any new reservations for a month. Reservations are only being accepted for business travelers, flight crews, emergency personnel and government workers with written authorization from the government agency they are visiting. Beginning today, on August 17th through August 31st, all restaurants can only offer takeout, delivery or drive-through, with all bars, nightclubs and cabarets closed. https://www.caribjournal.com/2020/08/16/us-virgin-islands-tourism-closed/