1993 East Rand The members buried their dead, often without the 'full ceremonial honors'. Policeman being killed became a very common occurrence during the period 1991 - 1994, South Africa was fighting a war against a 'legalized' marxist terrorist organisation. The units were fighting a war for the government in the black townships, but that same government was hiding that fact from the voting public, and most of the liberal media and foreign institutions (UN) also hid the violence and instability from the public, lest support for Mandela and the ANC would wane. To this day the Units are overlooked and even looked down on due to the government not admitting that the country was a war zone, and the war was being fought and contained by the units. Simply put hiding the black violence made the units seem heavy handed. We are legitimate veterans in the correct sense as members of the old South African Police were and could be legally be tasked to perform any manner or service in the defense of the republic/borders and its people. How many forces have experienced that feeling of having 'their' government turn their back on then, often dirty work needs to be done, but too many are betrayed.