They lose all these jobs and wow, one more giant leap toward a bankrupt state, which is practically what they are. Which is illegal unto itself, a state is not allowed to go bankrupt. They will be forced into receivership. State Assemblyman says California is now 'the graveyard of failed ideas' https://youtu.be/OzliyXUNhYo This massive failure in leadership tells you EXACTLY what will happen to the rest of America if these nutcases get control of the country. They have worse then worthless ideas, they have failed ideas. Historically socialism ALWAYS FAILS. They have been practicing socialism for years, and now the fruits of their policies are showing in massive failure. Can you do math here? "We have squander all our assets, so now we want to rob all the other state's taxpayers!" So when no one is left in their state but indigents, what then? More indigents from the third world to fill the spaces, all bilking the other states who said no? 34% of all welfare payments go to CALIFORNIA! More annexing of American land to the third world leaches? Or will it be selling our land to China, so rather than coming in guns blazing they walk in with ownership papers? The majority are communist traitors out there, we know by the way they vote and their ‘entitled’ voices, so they will be more than willing to open their arms to communist China already. We used to have laws that prevented the sale of our land to any foreign country. But of course that went out the window when Hillary sold our most prime farm land to Russia. Yes folks Russia is farming our land for their wheat, rather than buy from our farmers. Thank the corrupt Democrats. They are such supporters of our people, they will sell their souls to the devil if it gains them money and power. This is the corrupt leadership of DEMOCRATS! The hell-hole builders. California actually have areas now ranked worst than the worse in the third world! THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP!