So this caught my attention: https://twitter.com/kimKBaltimore/status/1295461903268040707 "Democrats don’t want you to see this. They’re scared that I’m exposing what life is like in Democrat run cities. That’s why I’m running for Congress Because All Black Lives Matter Baltimore Matters And black people don’t have to vote Democrat Help us win." ----- I hope she's against the BLM movement at least... that's my concern of using that slogan... Her twitter description is reassuring at least: Republican Congressional Nominee in MD-District 7. ProTrump. Anti-Squad. Zero Tolerance for Corruption. TERM LIMITS, no lifelong pensions. Other tweets I spotted going through her feed: ----- https://twitter.com/kimKBaltimore/status/1294241480215863296 "Will someone flip the switch on Joe Biden’s white privilege? This is twice now he’s needed a person of color to get access to the White House." ----- I have concerns of her using that term "white privilege"... ----- https://twitter.com/kimKBaltimore/status/1294087541709254656 "Agreed. There are many people in Maryland’s District 7 that didn’t receive their ballot by mail in our Special Election this April. 40k people to be exact." re-tw: https://twitter.com/Bruce_LeVell/status/1294044244164870144 "I 100% agree with @ realDonaldTrump. Mail in ballots would create the biggest voter fraud in our nations history. We can safely social distance to vote at our polls" ----- This one cracked me up. ----- https://twitter.com/kimKBaltimore/status/1295413925274685442 "As I continuously check to see if there has been any movement on the stimulus bill I notice "Cardi B Interviews Joe Biden" is trending. I feel like I am sitting at the children's table & all of the adults are wasted in the backyard playing cornhole." ----- So far it looks promising... we'll see what happens come November for her and Baltimore.