Via Leigh Dundas, Costa Mesa, Commiefornia == Four minutes of searing truth below -- venting my spleen against the arrival of Nazi Germany in Costa Mesa today -- when Mother's Market locked their doors,called the police, and asked that 2 mothers buying water be arrested. News flash from the attorney who was present: that's called freaking FALSE IMPRISONMENT, not trespassing -- and the cops just arrested the wrong damned people ... and in so doing, ushered totalitarianism into Orange County. To the Costa Mesa men in blue: you f***ed up today. You sold out the Constitution you were sworn to uphold, and arrested the people you are charged with protecting, for the crime of breathing oxygen. And do not have the gall to tell me you were just "following orders" and that you have "families to feed." That excuse buys you no quarter: there are only 2 sides left in this mess called the USA. And today? Today, you just sat Rosa Parks in the back of the bus, and outed Anne Frank, and in so doing, you incurred my undying wrath and attention. Because it is men like you who ushered in Nazi Germany and the Cambodian genocide, and I'll be damned if I stand idly by while you take your orders -- from mini-Napoleons who are ruling by fiat -- and help turn this constitutional republic into a dictatorship. PS: And Mother's Market? You're a discredit to your name.... and the biggest oxymoron in the damned dictionary. Sleep tight tonight, because I will ensure that you reap what you just sowed, politically and legally.... https://youtu.be/aXT2cO8UWTo (11:32) PPS: For those who want a little light reading, here's a link to my letter to Costa Mesa PD & Mother's Market calling them out on their tyranny and false arrests: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HsY5nr1y9CZcHY6gozYGR_-8IlgG8mTH/view?fbclid=IwAR3mjyJvB3j9K49diRJjDUE-wpNMP0cpQvLEFLMso0rgfW1UWJfI1Vq9JMA