SURRENDER IS NOT AN OPTION. Do not drop your focus, not even for a fractured second. Gun owners need to wake up from their slumber, and realise that the wolves are again at the door. The government wants to confiscate your guns, and ensure you are a disarmed victim. The only way to stop this, is by joining a firearm rights organisation, like Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA), and devoting some of your money, time, and effort to fight for your cause. You should write letters to your political representatives and put pressure on them to stand up for your rights. Additionally, you should write letters to the press and fill their pages with your pro-firearm ownership stories. Dominate your social media space and talk to people about why this issue is an important concern for all South Africans. You have a voice. It is powerful, especially when combined with those of others. Use it. Because we have a choice – get involved and fight, or sit back and watch our rights disappear. And to me surrender has never been an option. LINK > Read the full opinion piece here > https://paratus.info/2018/10/17/gun-ban-amendments/?fbclid=IwAR0xAsRSMk4C_7pDnzSxWSskAnyauGywjAwjPy11BaS1IfGMdx-DlIY-6TA Annexure: A. Firearm Control Amendment Bill (3) Source: Article Written by Gideon Joubert. Cartoon by Jerm. #BreakTheSilenceAboutSouthAfrica