To be successful do these 5 things 1 Prayer God did not create any one with poverty. Your destiny is on your hand, whatever you want to be today is in your hands therefore, before you invest in any business ask God for his favour and blessings because he is the giver of wealth. 2 Procrastination Avoid Procrastination at all cost because it limit you from doing what you suppose to do by postponing it to another day. Many people are poor today because they obey the word Procrastination. Be your self and learn how to do things at your own time. Make Friends With rich people To be successful in life, you have to make friends with rich men or women because they are the one in position to connect you to something that will help you in life they are also in position to give you contacts of their fellow rich men or women. 3 Savings After every work you do for a month or a day remember to save at least 10% or 20% of your income. Learn how to minimize your expenditure, put your money into deposits account then at the end of the year withdraw it and use it for something beneficial. 4 Investment investment is the act of putting money to work, to start or expand a business or project or the purchase of an asset, with the goal of earning income or capital appreciation. Investment is oriented toward future returns. Try as much as you can to invest in a business know matter how little it is. Get a business In other to become rich, you have to start up something, either you start up a business or you get a job. But I advice you to start up a business instead of job, cause one day you might loose your job but is very heard to loose your business