HIDE IT IN A BOOK I remember some years back when I hated my books, the very sight of them had effects on my body temperature. I thought “why sit in lonely wonder of letters imprinted on paper pages”, does someone have to read them? I was a rational being, I like to know and know indeed before jumping into conclusions, and so, one day I asked my mum, why is knowledge limited to a book, can’t I get it anywhere else? My mummy said to me, knowledge is everywhere, including books, lol, and we have to gather as much as we can for they are riches That obviously made no difference to me as time went by, I’d rather have some audio books which I wasn’t permitted to have or listen keenly to my teacher in the class which was impossible because I had many friends. Today, I’m not just a reader but a writer, I read at every chance I get, a single glance and I know the content of your shirt because my mind is now programmed to read everything you may be wondering what changed, well, here it is One day my sister came back from school with candies and some cash, she ran to my mum and asked her to keep them safe, mummy said, “keep them yourself, you are grown now”. My sister told my mum she doesn’t want me to find them and I heard my mum say to her “ then hide it in a book” I overheard that conversation and sad little me cried all night long that day, and from the next morning until today, I am the reader you know https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/hide-it-in-a-book~NTcyMzA4