https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/i-knew-love~NTg0Njk0 I knew love since grade 2, Love was kind, Love was patient, Love was giving And love was him Him, the one whose paintings covered my room His picture hung boldly on my bathroom door His care tickled even in his absence I had never met love... But if love were to pass by, I’d recognize him at first glance, If my eyes were tightly shut, His clone was as familiar as my name, I could smell him from a thousand miles. Love tastes like strawberry to me An eternal fountain of passion Love is a leader, Love is a teacher Love is wealth, Love makes sacrifices And love knows the loved Love pushes, love praises Love is you You took so long to find me But you are surely worth the wait To my present and future love️ I couldn’t ask for someone better Through your flaws thrive perfection And patience I have offered for your hard work Deeply, I’ve planted my seed of faith To see you become more and more like the you on my bathroom door. I love you, my love