😂 😂 For laughs

Just for laughs In Nigeria and other part of the world, there are some places that's very difficult to see vehicles, and cause they know it's difficult they do( "shakara" "guy " )try to take advantage of a person.  I remember back then me and my friends after struggling for bus that would take us out if school (unilorin ), the man would now be shouting no change, no change.  Trust us nobody would want to come down after waiting for close to 30 mins sometimes an hour for the vehicle. We would be quiet, 😂 in the bus we would ask for change and if there is no change we would give the man like that. 😂  Sometimes is not a funny case other times the man would just bring the change he said he doesnt have 😂.  If I remember those times its funny to me, am sure some of my unilorin peeps can testify to this and also lagosians 😂