ARE THESE FOR US? THOUSANDS OF HUMAN CAGES FOUND IN CALIFORNIA... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8d1LlkSJjU End times we are in....it's about the end of humanity.... Would not be surprised these Evil Psychopaths will use these cages to torture us Because we love Jesus Christ and therefore refuse the Mark unto death. Still there are more of we the people than there are of the Satanic overlords!! Prefer to stand together for truth, liberty, and for Jesus Christ!! Agree with these viewers comments: "If they think they will be taking all Americans and putting them in there alive....that could be a big mistake! Not all but many Americans will shoot back and there will be bloodshed on both sides. I for one will not be taken alive. Don't think the NWO is that stupid because they risk the majority of Americans waking up. The NWO works slow like the frog boiling in hot water. This seems like a joke or done on purpose to see reactions." "It just seems to me that the rapture is imminent. And that these preparations are for Christians saved during the tribulation. Who else knows about the 30,000 guillotines?" "Their are Trying to Censor the Human Cage's in Ca-Truthers California from the American Public , Time to RISE UP Against TYRANNY , Put the Satanists in the Human Cage's." "Even the more important to get closer to the hands of God, Jesus did say: They hated me, they will have you too for my sake. Help Yourself, preach the gospel of Messiah to people either they will hate you or love you it is not up to us to "feel and translate" how they may think of you, Our job is to forward the message, the Gospel of our Lord. AMEN"