So I posted a picture of myself on my private Instagram account with a comment that points to the brainwashed idiot behind me in the distance who's wearing a face diaper while she's running alone in nature. Instagram deleted it for "bullying or harassment" because I called this random stranger a brainwashed idiot. This is a private account that only my friends can see, and the pictures are not visible publicly. So Instagram is basically stopping me from sharing my thoughts with my friends privately. Please understand the severity of this situation. It's not bullying or harassment to have opinions or thoughts about other people. I didn't stop that woman on the hike and told her to her face that she's a brainwashed idiot. I didn't tag her on my picture or mention her name either. I don't know her. I only shared my opinion with my friend about what I think about this kind of irrational behavior. This is the extreme level of censorship that we're now facing. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, know that they can practice extreme forms of censorship like that because they're part of a monopoly. Any website that tries to compete with them is either eventually acquired by them or forced to shut down. These corporations are fascists, and they're financed by the fascist banking class who own a money printing press that can counterfeit money limitlessly and infinitely. Try competing with that! Gab.com, for example, was ordered to shut down by the American government because there were some users there saying mean things about the Jews who represent only 2% of the American population. The politicians used a synagogue shooter as a scapegoat to shut down an entire social media website because that's what fascists do. #Instagram #Facebook #Hatebook #Censorship #FreeSpeechViolation