“Most essential oils used for aromatherapy in the US are fabrications and not genuinely and exclusively from any single plant source. As a matter of fact, the most glaring failure of the various aromatherapy organizations in the US and the UK maybe their inability to address the authenticity issue. Companies selling industrial and engineered essential oils penetrate these organizations and become almost indistinguishable from those who sell authentic oils.” ~Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Founder of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy Did you know? There is more lavender oil sold then there is of actual lavender oil that is distilled. This goes for many other oils too. How is this possible? Adulteration by way of things like extenders, adulterants, and synthetics. A large part of the reason why so many people think essential oils don’t work is because they’ve used adulterated oils. The difference in truly pure, high-quality essential oils can easily be assessed by the use of such oil, especially when compared to the inexpensive counterpart oils. “Adulteration is apparent in the price.” Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt For many of us, we avoid digging into this part of natural health because it can seem overwhelming to know which ones are truly therapeutic and safe. But the answer is really rather simple. There is only one company that owns their own farms, distilleries, and labs. There is only one company that tests every batch of essential oils three times through at least 16 different tests, not just for purity and therapeutic properties but for things like heavy-metal and other important criteria. There is only one company that you can visit their labs, distilleries, and farms to see for yourself. To talk to the scientists and farmers yourself. And because they own the farms themselves, they are able to control and test the environment around the farm as well. This means the kind of water used, ensuring the soil or environment was not contaminated before purchasing, etc. I know there are many other companies out there who seem like they are good. Some even publish test results to make it seem like they’re good. Some are even advertised clearly as Christian companies with the notion that they can be trusted. But these companies are only able to know as much as their suppliers and testers tell them. They are at the mercy of whatever information those third parties give them. "Know your grower. Know your distiller. And know your supplier. Otherwise, the chemists have become so clever that they can sometimes fool even the best of laboratories." ~Dr. Herve Casabianca, Chairman of the International Standards Organization (ISO) Committee on Essential Oil Standards (a European agency whose acronym is AFNOR) It’s simple. There’s only one of its kind. It’s why I chose and only use Young Living. I invite you to see the difference for yourself. 💚 #knowyourfarmer #knowbetterdobetterbebetter #yleos #sciency