NOTHING MAKES SENSE UNLESS YOU LOOK BEYOND THE VEIL ( It's About Instilling Fear ) =====by Bullhorn Barry (Opinion & Brief Analysis) Why is the Democrat Party & all of it's affiliates and puppets sabotaging themselves with terrifying policies-decisions-ideologies and violence? Do they want Donald Trump to win? Because I'm pretty sure their current trajectory is a one way ticket to a Donald Trump Victory. I'm also pretty sure that the deep state knows that Joe Biden can NEVER defeat Donald Trump in a fair election. This is why they are planning on stealing it and why they are promoting mail-in voter fraud. This is why they don't care that they're are revealing their authoritarian socialist/communist identities and their proclivity towards those who want a violent revolution. So yes, most of what they are doing is increasing Trump's Popularity but they can't defeat Trump under any circumstance, so they might well as well scare the hell out of everyone and send the message to every American Patriot that they mean business. And don't think this is some wild conspiracy either because it's not. The Democrat Leaders have been talking about inaugurating Biden if Trump refuses to step down. When properly translated, what they're really saying, is that they're going to lose the election but they're going to claim that Trump stole it and then use states like California and others to help Inaugurate Biden until they can have the Military remove Trump. By the way, even Pelosi & Biden have promulgated this idea. But none of that will ever happen because God is in control and Trump will serve another term. There may be some recounts and controversy but Trump will not be removed by the military because he will have won fair and square. All of the lawlessness, violence, and authoritarian methods are ALL designed to instill FEAR in the masses and precondition us to living in that fear. That way, when the FAR LEFT takes over, no one will dare buck them or resist their tyranny. And if the truth be told, this is a big part as to why they've resorted to the Outer Limits of Lunacy. It's about preconditioning the masses to to live in fear so they will cower and submit to whatever they are told. You see, they believe they are going to get the power back but they are dead wrong about that theory. PEACE & NON-VIOLENCE #minds #Portland #puzzle #covid19 #fear