Street Fights Against Antifa and BLM Are Counter-Productive ~ http://www.renegadetribune.com/street-fights-against-antifa-and-blm-are-counter-productive/ "Jews and their Communist shabbos goyim have long planned to stir up race war in the United States to bring down the country and fully realize their revolution....We need to be smart about our actions. Do not allow yourself to be herded into controlled opposition demonstrations that will not serve our interests in the slightest. You could consider taking part in “flash mobs” and other creative demonstrations that do not involve jew media presence and violent opposition. Even just preparing and educating yourself, your friends and your family about what our enemies have planned for us will be a net benefit. Also, do not let anyone tell you that internet activism is not effective, because if it was not, our enemies would not be attempting to shut us down online at every turn. We must be clever to win this war for our survival. Fighting in the streets alongside the useful idiots of our enemies is a sure-fire way to lose long-term."