An Open Letter: Dear Stranger, I'll always wish you peace instead of anger I know we haven't met, but I hope you feel the same Cause really I could use it and I wish I knew your name But there's only one that knows everything about us, and the only reason we still breathing is cause he allowed us Dear Friends, I'm with you till the end I wish I'd done better to support you I hope you didn't think that I ignored you And I know I missed some goals that I had set And I know I did some things that I regret So I ask that you forgive, just don't forget Dear Family, Thanks for making me to who I am You raised me, and taught me to be a strong man You loved me despite all of my issues You noticed when I cried and gave me tissues So now in life I'm just tryna return the favor I guess its easier said on paper Dear God, You're the one that made all of this possible You're completely and undoubtably responsible For all the people and the creatures and the gold The author of the greatest story ever told The father of all people young and old