Hellooooo...is anybody in there??? As written in HRS Chapter 127A “Emergency” means any occurrence, or imminent threat thereof, which results or may likely result in substantial injury or harm to the population or substantial damage to or loss of property. Which is vague and overly broad, however given the statistical data over the course of the past 5 months it is safe to say that substantial injury or harm to the population is actually not likely, as evidenced by the continuously decreasing mortality rate for COVID-19 overall and the minimal number of actual deaths in the state of Hawaii. The travel restrictions cannot be used as a justification for the low numbers in light of the fact that we have lately seen the fastest rate of infection out of all the United States. Obviously said restrictions (including masking and distancing) have not stopped the spread! It is very important to note that the vast majority of those who test positive show absolutely no symptoms. This means there is NO THREAT OF INJURY OR HARM, if these people are NOT EVEN SICK. The virus itself is not the threat to those who are vulnerable; it is their vulnerability that creates the risk. Can 40 deaths really be considered significant, when we typically see 600 deaths a year from the flu alone?