Another person with actual experience and Living to tell the tale...But by all means...Listen to the Brain-washers...I mean "Experts"...That have been wrong, changed their minds, and reversed decisions how many times... Contradiction means something's Not Factual...because Facts are Petrified in Truth. You understand... I really like Louie and I'm So Glad he's doing better and sharing the Truth with us rather than Pushing a Fabricated Narrative like the Bought and Paid for Lying Fake News Media Complex does...or worse yet...Pushing up Daisies... I don't know about you...but, I'm gonna listen to Louie with Personal Testimony...especially over a Desperate and Complicit Already Proved Lying COMPULSIVELY Media trying to Silence Doctors telling the Truth and trying to CONVINCE us to Believe them instead...Not the pesky old facts...They're Trying to Sell a "Solution" so as to to get Rich at our expense and move forward their communistic political agenda... Remember Russia-Russia-Russia...It all turned out to be a Hoax...Perpetrated by the Obama Administration Coup Cabal who never thought she would lose and were left scurrying to cover the evidence and get us off their trail of corruption and much much much worse...and are Currently Under CRIMINAL Investigation...Yes, Criminal...It was proved that the Complicit Media Machine Lied to us Over 700 Lies a Day for Over 700 Days in a Row...and There's your "Programming". Be Wiser. “But, I’ve got to say, Chris, I got the hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, the z-pak, and zinc, and vitamins, steroid nebulizer, and I’m telling you, it made a huge difference, a huge difference,” he added. “So, I’m doing so much better than I would have expected.” Gohmert gives credit to President Trump and right-wing media voices like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham who have put their necks out there to promote this controversial treatment that is being suppressed by the establishment. “I’m grateful that people like the president, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and so many others have talked about it: Hydroxychloroquine, it may not be the silver bullet to slay COVID, the China virus, the Wuhan virus, but it is a help to so many people,” Gohmert continued. “Why would the non-doctors, Google, Twitter, Facebook, try to stop people from getting something that really does help people?” he asked. “It certainly helped me,” Gohmert added. Big League Politics reported a couple weeks back that Gohmert contracted the virus despite his increased compliance with mask mandates:" https://bigleaguepolitics.com/louie-gohmert-credits-hydroxychloroquine-for-saving-his-life-following-covid-19-diagnosis/