Good...Somebody needs to Hold Cuomo Accountable...Nothing will Change until they do. "A group of over 1,500 gym owners from across the state, including at least 500 located in New York City, have filed a class action lawsuit against Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York state, and the state attorney general in an attempt to force the state to allow them to reopen. The businesses involved in the suit include CrossFit, Pilates studios, yoga centers and big box gyms. Attorney James G. Mermigis, who is representing the gyms, told the Staten Island Advance that in addition to getting gyms reopened immediately, they also are looking for compensation for lost revenue over recent months. “All these gyms want the same thing. They want to be able to open up in the same way other businesses have been opening up,” Mermigis said. “They want to be able to open up their businesses to prove they can open up safely, just like all these other businesses—like Walmart, Target, etc...” However, Governor Cuomo said last week that going to gyms is a “dangerous activity” and they would remain closed for now. “Gyms have been a nationally identified source of infections,” Cuomo said during a press conference. “We know from the other states they’ve been highly problematic.” A spokesperson for Cuomo's office, Jason Conwall, argued that the governor was well within his authority to keep gyms closed, and that doing so keeps the infection rate low." https://gothamist.com/news/over-1500-gym-owners-sue-governor-cuomo-reopen