The World is Waking Up and Speaking Out... "Several hundred people protested in Spain's capital Madrid on Sunday against virus rules and restrictions amid a surge of cases nationwide. Chanting "freedom", some carried banners reading "New normal = new world order", "No to the vaccine" and "No to the muzzle". Demonstrators, many of whom claim the pandemic is an invention or exaggerated, mostly refused to wear masks or practice social distancing. Although police required protesters to wear a mask to access Plaza de Colon, one of Madrid's most famous squares and where the gathering was taking place, most of them took their masks off once they were inside the square. Demonstrators, who were encouraged by Spanish pop star Miguel Bosé to rally, demanded freedom and claimed not to be afraid of the pandemic. New daily cases in Spain have been steadily climbing since the country ended a more than three-month lockdown on June 21. Authorities have officially recorded almost 50,000 cases over the past 14 days, making an average of around 3,500 new cases a day." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HSbx8sbaMo