Philip Glass – Metamorphosis (1988) | complete Anton Batagov on piano Coversart 33:03 https://youtu.be/M73x3O7dhmg “”Metamorphosis”, refers to and was inspired by the 1915 short story by Franz Kafka. ...” 00:00 “Metamorphosis One” 06:54 “Metamorphosis Two” 13:59 “Metamorphosis Three” 19:09 “Metamorphosis Four” 26:29 “Metamorphoses Five” “I made this recording using an old amazing (one of my favorite instrument actually) Steinway and Sons model O grand piano. (Steinway officially stopped production of this model in 1924, but I guess this one was built around 1925 - 1926 according to the serial number” – Anton Batagov “... after several unlucky attempts to make this recording on different instruments and in different studios I returned to the same living room and the same piano - Steinway and Sons model O made in 1926. I cannot possibly explain this, but despite all the obvious technical obstacles that stand before you while recording in a regular room, with all the uncontrolled reflections, with the old piano in poor condition which makes you suffer a lot, with all the additional vibrations, rattling strings, hammers that require voicing, with a cracking chair - it turns out to be exactly how I perceive this music. So, one piano, 2 microphones, beloved Philip Glass , and my personal story with the place this record session took place.” – Anton Batagov #music #classicalmusic #BattlestarGalactica #filmscore #soundtrack