Oh...Well then...Why didn't you say so...John Kasich knows more than God Apparently... "Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich encouraged Republican and Christian voters Monday to consider voting for pro-abortion Democrat Joe Biden because he is a “man of faith.” Biden claims to be a devout Catholic, but he supports taxpayer-funded abortion on demand and opposes religious freedom for nuns and other religious charities. Many are trying to downplay his radical positions, the accusations of sexual assault against him and other scandals as he challenges President Donald Trump in November. In an interview with CNN on Monday, Kasich insisted that Biden is a strong “man of faith,” Breitbart reports. Kasich, who identifies as a pro-life Republican, is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention in support of Biden’s nomination. “I think he is a man of faith. I don’t sit down and talk about all of his religion with him, but I’m comfortable with him. I, like I say, I consider myself to be a man of faith. A flawed man of faith for sure, but aren’t we all?” Kasich said. However, Kasich went on to attack Christians for supporting President Donald Trump because he, too, is a flawed man." https://www.lifenews.com/2020/08/11/john-kasich-its-ok-for-christians-to-vote-for-biden-even-though-he-supports-killing-babies/?fbclid=IwAR2cHt_E3EajxGB0goMypCdUttkI-KvuQFEQ6Wq3EfbQ68FkYpHqbFR6HyQ