In a series of recent tweets, Jenna Jameson shared that she has “heard terrible things about “The Hunt.” Implying that societal elite people “hunt” children as young as 4, at “parties.” She went on to state that “These topics circulate” among the elite. She also tweeted about Hollywood, expressing that, “The reason why Hollywood has been so incredibly silent on child sex trafficking is not only do they partake, they are covering for the big league hitters. The ones that hide in the shadows under the cover of a crown.” Jameson’s perspective is quite unique. As she’s shared many times before, she was raped as a child and groomed for the porn industry. She claims she is a victim of child sex trafficking: https://humansarefree.com/2020/07/jenna-jameson-says-jeffrey-epstein-is-an-amateur-children-hunted-parties.html