Tales From High School It's Monday morning and this used to be one of the most scary days for many of us then. You know those day, yeah..those days in high school when we avoided Mondays because of the workload that comes with it.! Well, that's all in the past now😂.. The lockdown has kept everyone at home; students and some workers as well. So I think now is the best time to share the high school experiences that made those days memorable. Okay, here's mine. Back then in school, the school term had different phases especially for boarding students living in the hostel. One major phase in every boarder's life then was the SAPing phase😏. The word SAP was coined by my mates then and it means Student Adjustment Program. The SAPing period is the period around the end of the term when everyone's beverages and pocket money as well must have finished. This phase occurs during the days when we have barely two weeks before we close for the term and hunger draws on the faces of everyone😰. At the onset of the term, everyone's cupboard is usually filled with anything and everything edible but how the mountainous beverages comes down to nothing is still a mystery😂😏. This period of the term taught me how to manage with very little resources and I must say that has kept me going in life. So let's hear from you.. What is your high school tale? What are those events in high school that taught you lessons that stuck with you? Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we??💥