......MY DIARY.........

My diary!!! A book that imbibed my daily nooks: In it i shed my thoughts as dousing hooks; to reveal my concealed mood for saint look; which delved my punitive!indeed incumbent book. My diary!!! A Capricorn of my dampens contractual; Which persisted my mood with ordained intellectual; when my life intimately harass with appalling obstacles' then recurred my diary like cogent miracles. My diary!!! The opium of my novice eye rises tremendously: In ascertaining immense;then emerged loquaciously; In the book of mine:I learned paradoxically; which sprouted my mood then swell metaphorically. My diary!!! A piece that haunted my thoughts like wayward: And cajoled my mood from interspersed backward; A piece which smeared my lip with merciful: So as to reminiscent my ancient with pitiful. My diary!!! Is there I sojourned outlandish like celibate woman; then agitated my present then perturbed with seaman, The book that concealed all my motion: both positive and negative that seams with notion. My diary!!! A book that overwhelmed my thought ironically; which imbibed my day to say wills psychologically: My heart sparkling says nothing but euphemistically; with amazing breath;I bewailed sarcastically.