🔪💘 Back Stab!!! 💘🔪

A duel With an enemy Is far better Than your lingering kiss... A hostile foe Much sweeter Than your fatal blow... 💘🔪🔪💘 In my deepest being I often wonder Why you come In a pack of lies... Fake smiles Honeyed whispers Dishonest intents Why are you thus? And not true?... 💘🔪🔪💘 You lived In my sacred place A friend... But you stab in the back An adversary With no compassion No mercy No pity!!!... 💘🔪🔪💘 It is a cloudy Sky A fractured World Dust to dust Ashes to ashes Nothing more... Trust weeps As a travailing woman Friendship dies Before its birth... 💘🔪🔪💘 A stab in the back The memories are black Never fades away The scars never heal... When you look back Someday I hope you are proud You just stabbed your friend In the back... 💘🔪🔪 An original poem by @edith4angelseu Thank you for stopping by my neighbourhood 💖💖💖💖💖💖 #poetry #minds