An exam was about to hold when two friends took their time to read through different books of which questions were going to be set. They really busted their tails off to read and complete the books. And yes, they finally did. The exam drew nearer and nearer and they were getting more prepared than the last. Till it was finally at hand. They knew they both were ready so they got up that morning and set out for the exam. On getting to the entrance, they were separated. They both say and the exams were placed in front of them. Unfortunately for one of them, he didn't have good retentive memory so he remembered only few if what they read and answered them to his satisfaction. And when he decided to go through and find out what score he had. It's was a 40 out of 100. He didn't know what to say and by the time he met back with his friend, he just kept on telling him he did well cause his friend also did. Then the day came when the results arrived and when he checked, he found out that he scored an outstanding 90% in his sheet. He just didn't know what to say but showed it to his friend who also had an 80% and both were satisfied at the end. https://read.cash/@King_tobi/surprised-at-what-you-see-21504dce