Challenges are sure to come in this our human race, in this journey we take in humanity. Having prepared for them and fully active to face them we go into them and we strive. Now, the main question to ask is HOW FAR CAN YOU GO. The question dropped cause there are a lot that are active and over time start to grow weary without getting to the destination they planned right from the start. Do you know your turning point. The point you'll spend up all your energy and just decide to give up. Well, you shouldn't cause there shouldn't even be a breaking point. When you set out to do something, there shouldn't be a point where you'll break and just decide to quit on all you've been trying to do. STAND FIRM AND KEEP ON TILL YOU'VE GOTTEN THERE. Don't stop until you know you'll be satisfied at whatever outcome you've gotten. Then you can say to yourself "I did this and I succeeded." Those words really would make you feel joyous and ready for more https://read.cash/@King_tobi/how-far-can-you-go-354729d6