I'm sure you would have heard that a lot of times from parents cause that's what they're find of. Always making us take vegetables all to keep us healthy and good looking. One thing is theyre right for saying that to us and forcing us to eat vegetables right from the point where we were children. And it's cause they know the benefits vegetables carry and they want their children to be happy. And I believe we're all old here to have also find out if not all but few if those benefits that vegetables have. And from that we shouldn't have had to be told to take them now. SOME BENEFITS OF TAKING IN VEGETABLES They play a vital role when it comes to boosting the function of the platelets. The platelets are constituents of the blood responsible for antibody function. Vegetables are good source of potassium therefore would help in maintaining blood pressure. Taking in standard amount of vegetables could help reduce heart disease, reduced heart function and so on. Vegetables also help to reduce the risk of cancer. From all these, I believe I've been able to conclude that vegetables are good for our health and doesn't require us to be forced before we start to consume. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VEGETABLES? https://read.cash/@Aniss_Emma/take-your-vegetables-1a047179