This 2-minute cartoon explains the debt-based economic slavery beautifully. Nations used to be enslaved with military occupation, but now they're enslaved with debt. Because debt is slavery. Entire nations are now reduced to slavery and poverty thanks to the Rothschilds' debt-based fiatmoney. Who are the Rothschilds? You know, the Jewish dynasty that founded Zionism and created Israel. They own almost EVERY central bank on this planet. For every misery and suffering, you can thank the Rothschilds for that. ALL Governments are NEVER allowed to print their national currency but must ALWAYS borrow it from the Rothschilds plus interest. The Rothschilds counterfeit $100 bills at their central banks for 13 cents apiece then loan the paper to the U.S. Government for the value printed on the paper plus interest! The U.S. Government then forces its citizens to pay income taxes at gunpoint through the IRS to pay the interest on the borrowed money that was originally counterfeited by the Rothschilds for 13 cents apiece. It's the biggest theft in history and it's been happening for over a century. And that's why poor countries will always remain poor since their governments are not allowed to print their own money, but must always borrow it from private banks. Look at the beautiful islands of the Philippines, for example, where half of their GDP is stolen at gunpoint through income taxes to pay ONLY the interest fees on the borrowed money that was originally counterfeited by the Rothschilds. If half of your salary goes to pay only the interest fees on your credit card, will you ever get rid of the debt? Never. It's impossible. If every nation had a state bank that prints its own money for the benefit of the nation, no country on Earth would suffer from poverty or homelessness. If every nation had a state bank instead of a central bank, they could fund all social programs like universal healthcare and free education WITHOUT the need to tax citizens for it because both state banks and central banks are a money printing press. The last guy who had a state bank is called Muammar Gaddafi and the Rothschilds had him raped to death by a bayonet for it 9 years ago. Because having a monopoly over the money printing press enables the Rothschilds to be the overlords and enslave all gentiles while fulfilling a very hateful Talmudic prophecy of world domination through debt. Debt-based fiatmoney is the biggest financial hoax in history, and there's only one purpose behind it: slavery to the Jewish Rothschilds. Because debt is slavery. #BankstersParadise #StateBank #CentralBank #MuammarGaddafi #Gaddafi Watch these videos: