With all the memes about American politics going around, I’m surprised that no one used the game Vanquish. For those who never played this game, wait until you hear this. It brings a new meaning to the term foreshadowing and keep in mind that this game was released in 2010. The plot of this story is a female president, made in the image of Hillary, wants to restart the US economy by starting a war with Russia, so she makes a deal with the Russians behind closed doors and they agree to use a Russian space station to destroy San Francisco with a death ray. Wait, it gets better. So the Russians kidnap a scientist, created in the image of Snowden, so that he doesn’t blow the whistle on this operation and so that the Russians can use his technology. It gets better. So you, a bunch of marines and your sexy assistant battle endless numbers of Russian Bots, to reach the bad guy, which is a pseudo high-tech Putin megalomaniac. When you kill everybody, get the girl and blow up the station, the president is exposed for her corruption and Killary blows her brains out. If this game came out in 2016 everyone would have lost their shit. Gato Villano