Since the creation of blockchain technology many new and innovative solutions has been brought into the blockchain technology, from digital money to acquisition of digital asset and others. This has created a wide variety of goods and services to be available through the blockchain technology. With so many products and services the next thing to do as an investor is to invest some of my fiat currency but yet again operating many of various websites where one can change his or her fiat currency to any of the top cryptocurrency sometimes are either difficult or sometimes confusing. Worst still is when you want to invest in icos in which they will ask to either invest in etherum or in bitcoin. This involvement in icos user make some new investors mostly those that are impatient to lose interest in investing all because the whole process of conversion of one’s fiat currency into various cryptocurrency is stressful or converting one cryptocurrency to another. Another present problem facing user of blockchain is during the periods of trading, many top exchanges usually have the top 20 currencies in their exchanges but the problem of this top exchanges is that many of the upcoming project don’t get listed there either due to the demands from the exchange been too high or population vote aren’t enough for listing. Blockchain technology even though as existed for some few years as shown to the world that it has come to stay has so many potential but still the technical knowhow is still complex to the point that it is sometimes hard converting your cryptocurrency or various digital asset back into flat currency. With this present problem a platform called coinmetro platform has decided to solve all this problem by providing a platform where all the acquisition, management, and conversion of digital asset back to fiat currency can be done with much easy.  Now Binance has solved this issue by creating various gateways by which users can easily convert their Fiat currency to any cryptocurrency of their choice from dollars to pounds even to naira. The gateways are numerous so that we don't say that gateway A isn't working then I won't get my BTC, binance even have third party system which are comparable with various government all over the world For more information, create a binance account via this link: https://accounts.binance.com/en/register?ref=EGPRCEN3 Written by Damilola Oguntola Binance campus ambassador