Shared Look what they've done! They have stolen your minds! You no longer believe in the truth of your senses - what you see, feel and experience and what your gut - your intuition - tells you, because you've been conditioned to believe that up is down as long as an "expert" says so and everyone else agrees! The enemy behind the curtain has perfected this craft of manipulation of human psychology to create a culture of obedience. For centuries they have used the hierarchy of basic human needs to force false doctrines upon the people knowing full well that truth is irrelevant as long as the people BELIEVE. There is NO pandemic, only misappropriated death statistics and a fraudulent testing campaign. What is this nonsense of healthy people getting testing? And this is how we "prove" there's a pandemic? Since when does a "deadly" pandemic produce symptomless victims who are NOT DYING? We have forgotten how to think critically. To trust our eyes and ears and our intuition. This is not a mistake. This was done to us purposely. They have used many methods to break down the human spirit, to calsify the pineal gland, to cut off your connection to higher consciousness through a myriad of poisons in our food, water and air. They use the television to induce an alpha wave state in the brain in order to hypnotize you. They make sure the children are raised by the state while the parents sacrifice their creative energy to feed the machine. In these government approved indoctrination camps, the little ones learn how to obey and conform so one day they will go on to perpetuate and defend the lies upon which this system is built. If they resist this process they are labeled and drugged until they are broken. This entire mask ritual is nothing more than a psychological operation to traumatize the masses into acceptance of the new world order. They must remove as much of your connection to each other and the source of LIFE in order to create a new kind of human that willingly submits to augmentation with technology. There is no "coin shortage" people! They're taking your cash away for total control of every aspect of your life! No more side hustle, no secret emergency stash, no more tax free gifts to be given or received. Soon everyone will be tagged and monitored. Only those who comply with the demands of government will be allowed to engage in commerce. And once their magic vaccine is ready they will use it to completely modify your DNA where nano technology can be introduced and will work in tandem with their 5g system to remotely control every thought and movement. This will be the end of life as a free human being and the beginning of life as the perfect robot for the dark forces among us.