Private USA Contractors Part of the ‘Kill Chain’ in East Africa Anti-Terrorist Operations: "Shadowgate" Multi- National Paramilitary Contractors. The USA Military had been using the Camp Simba base in Kenya nestled in the normally sleepy Manda Bay, for East African operations for over a decade. But in 2019, the USA official mission at Camp Simba officially changed from “tactical” to “enduring operations.” Now multi-national paramilitary contractor owned planes, that was seen regularly in Manda Bay scouting sites for several drone strikes against Sunni Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabab, may have also killed civilians in Somalia. Multiple privately owned surveillance planes operated from the base, often hidden behind a chain of limited liability companies that do not list owners. Sean McFate, a former private military contractor now working with the Washington based think tank Atlantic Council, said that in the past companies were brought in to help analyze official USA Military data, but not collect it. Enter: "Showgate", the Atlantic Council is another multi-national paramilitary contractor like James Logan Jones Jr, founder of Jones Group International (JGI). https://www.occrp.org/en/investigations/private-us-contractors-part-of-kill-chain-in-anti-terrorist-operations