Lancaster, Ohio - CALL TO ACTION Ok fuckers!!!! All I've heard from people when mentioning these scumbags coming to town was "this town wont stand for that".. Last week blm came and assulted an 88 year old man shoving him on his ass along with 2 other assults and broke some windows. My question to each and every single one of you who are reading this.... WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU AT!!!!!!!?? This Wed they are bringing them down from columbus. Do i need to refresh your memory? How many days were they under state of emergency? Thats whos fucking coming. Nows the time if you give 2 shits about this town, its citizens, and it's history. Its love it or lose it at this point. The mayor and chief of police are saying to ignore it and it will go away. Smh, yeah, worked real good for columbus, Minneapolis, and many other cities didnt there dumbass!!! They leave when nothing is left!! Ive never asked the community for anything, except maybe when I was younger and that wasto tolerate me. I'm asking now though....actually, im telling you, share the fuck out of this with my name and all, I dont give a shit. Its time to make a stand before the numbers they bring get to big to stop. Its been made very clear no one else is going to do anything except take our taxes and watch this town they took an oath to protect burn as they play host to 2 groups that are responsible for torching cities and looting from coast to coast and one of these groups have been declared an official terrorist group...and our mayor....might as well put out some milk and cookies for them. Im furious and you should be to. You better be. 3 assults...one an 88 year old man!!!! Yeah, ignore it...i say bullshit!!! This wed I have better see the community pull together in a way ive never seen. If you can't come out then share the shitout of this, call your friends without Facebook, tell all you can to get their asses down to the square wed at 6pm and lets show the mayor we wont stand for it and why his time in office should be expired. As mayor, if you wont protect this town or citizens, I officially am calling out publicly for you to step down so we can find a mayor who will take the chains off our boys in blue and who will do more then just sit on his ass and take our money! To our chief of police...yep, your in the same boat. You both took an oath, either step up or step aside!!! If they wont do their job, lets bring this back around full circle. When local offices fail, which have been asked to step up and won't....whats left?? WE THE FUCKING PEOPLE!!!! I want to see everyone out there!!! I want antifa and blm to pull into town and then not even stop...just keep going right back out of town. If you won't take a stand, then why the hell should anyone else and mark my words...we will fall back and do as we arebeing asked to do..."ignore it". But dont say that you wernt toldor no one tried or you would've but you had no one to stand with...this wed @6. BE THERE!!!! No comments needed, no likes wanted. Contact me personally if you have something to say or questions. Other then that, smash the share button rather you plan to attend or not and lets let thisbe the last time these scumbags come to town!!!