Witness the End of an Age...

I can't say much more than anyone who can think has already said. I'll just say this... The Age of the Big City has, at last, come to a silent end. Businesses closed and for most gone forever. Corruption to the point that even the most elites won't stay. Defunded and depressed cops, mean more crime than anyone can handle. Bread lines and evictions. The reaction to this mostly harmless virus has done what no war, terrorist, and economic depression throughout history failed to do. The "Big Apple" is dead Lady liberty can't even look at her home and cries silent tears. Welcome to the end of an age. It was loud, it was quick, and now it is silent... My advice, don't stay in any of these big cities or blue states. Leave them and let them rot. It'll be hard but I hope you can find greener pastures and freedom. If your a blue jackass don't vote in these new places you have done enough damage. Your opinion hurts the very people you claim to be helping. We want no more of your delusions of a Utopia we've had enough. Will you remember what happened in November? #minds #newyork #covid19 #depression #endofanage