If this is true it becomes the biggest Scandal ever....but sorry it is in german language. She Talks about Corruption. WHO gives Billions of Dollars to governments worldwide to do a lockdown in their countries. The Boss of white russia gets a offer about 90 Million Dollars from the WHO and did say no to it. Some weeks later WHO offers 900 Million Dollars to him and he says no again. A Italien investigative Journalist brings this message to the public. She said in the video that it is not confirmed yet but i read meanwhile that it is confirmed. Cannot guarantie for sure. But this explains a lot i will say. Jens Spahn from Germany bought for example already a Villa in Berlin for 4 Million Euro... Where does this money come from.... Huh.... Very interesting indeed. So i found out it was about the IWF and not the WHO.....and it was about a Credit with special cinditions to get it from the IWF..... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=39qTX-jj4rw