Some facts about moslem countries that you might not know: * A moslem may kill a non-moslem for not paying the jizya (tax), which is a tax that is forced only on non-moslems. * All non-moslems are treated like 3rd class citizens * Rape is essentially legal * Killing non-moslems is encouraged, even if they do pay jizya. * Genocide type rape and murder are common once the moslem population exceeds 40% and it is legal according to moslems. * There is no such thing as "statutory rape" according to moslems. * Arson is approved against any property of a non-moslem * Fraud and theft are approved when the victim is a non-moslem * Moslem "charities" are only for moslems and the proceeds are used to pay terrorists to kill non-moslems and Muhammadan hypocrites. * Deception is standard procedure against non-moslems