Belarus gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then, Alexander Lukashenko has been the FIRST AND ONLY president of Belarus. Yep, that's democracy for you. Because why call it a monarchy when you can call it democracy and rig the elections forever! Genius idea, isn't it? Unfortunately, good things don't last forever because, in this presidential election, the sheeple of Belarus finally figured out that they live under a dictatorship, not a democracy, which is why they've been protesting every day after Alexander Lukashenko rigged the elections again in his favor. Better late than never, as the proverb says. #AlexanderLukashenko #Belarus #SovietUnion #TheGreatAwakening #LeaderlessUprising Sources: https://is.gd/JV16up https://is.gd/CYB4OM