Kamala Harris has stated when she takes the office she will give Congress 100 days to pass a bill that will ban AR 15’s if they don’t she will sign an executive order to make a mandatory buy back, which is a polite way to say she will confiscate your guns, now just incase you don’t know 1% of gun deaths are from an AR 15 so she will be coming after hand guns after that, now pair that with the fact that she want to defund the police you will not be able to defend yourself in a lawless society, I don’t care if you hate Trump she will be detrimental to our society, and don’t try that bullshit that she will only be the vp we all know Biden is not fit and will vacate the office in less than 6 months after being elected, if you want lawaless, if you want poverty, if you want no protection from criminals because there will be no police and no fire arms to defend yourself then vote for the Democrats, if you want law and order, you want to be able to make a living, if you want safe streets then vote republican