It is still an attack on the President. To weaken him. This hurts deeply. Ever lose a love one. I hope President Trump knows his Brother's body Die but he is still Alive in Paradise in heaven for eternity. Bob is still alive, or Robert, or Little Bobbie, Well he is much happier he finally got to beat Donald J. At something, "Gets to see Mom and Dad First. Made it Home first!" Mourning is a fickle thing. His Brother can say with the early revolutionist I wish had more than one life I could give for the cause of Jesus Christ.For my Country, That cause is liberty! . Only the Truth sets you free from the grip it has on your soul. Anyone know President Trump give him that message it is from God. Right there in the Bible. https://wego.social/post/1928008_https-www-foxnews-com-politics-hashtag-wrongtrump-trends-on-twitter-after-death.html?fbclid=IwAR3i6azm0NwIjm57VR4jXvxUxN5xpwt_b3oeH3W5g0KzmeEHZbfCwkwWYO8